Buying your home off-plan


As part of our series of guides on all the things you should consider when you are thinking about looking for or selling your home, we’ve addressed some of the various steps involved as you start the journey of making this important decision.

Our guide on: Buying a home off-plan will help you to:

  • Check proposed completion date and final size of the development
  • Check the track record of the developer
  • Research what amenities will be available locally

We have also detailed the importance of understanding that buying off-plan you won’t get a physical sense of your actual new home, in many cases there will be a show home available but room dimensions may differ slightly. 

Download our guide to buying your home off-plan here and learn about ten factors which you should consider when taking this route. You can also review our video below for further information. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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